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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How Do I Get Started?

    Create an account with RacematePro by opening the menu in the top right hand corner of the home page and clicking on “Create an Account.” No identification is required by RacematePro so this will take less than one minute.

    You then need to link your betting account to RacematePro by going to the My Account section (you need to be logged in to RacematePro) and clicking on Link My Accounts and following the instructions. Once you have successfully linked your betting account the balance for that account should appear in RacematePro.

    You are now ready to bet. Remember that you can only bet via accounts that you have linked. For example you cannot take NSW TAB odds if you have only linked a VIC TAB account.

  2. Can I link multiple accounts?

    Yes. For example if you have a VIC TAB account and a NSW TAB account, you can link both so that you can bet into either of these options. Both balances will be displayed in RacematePro.

  3. Do I need to verify my ID?

    No. All verification occurs with the TAB or Bookmaker that you hold an account with.

  4. How do I deposit and withdraw?

    Deposit and withdrawals are done directly with the TAB or Bookmaker that you have the account and thus funds with. RacematePro does not hold any funds.

  5. When I submit my bet/s does this mean my bet has been accepted and is on?

    No. You must wait to see if all bets are accepted successfully to be sure that your bets are on. A green notification will appear in the top right hand corner of RacematePro to confirm that all bets have been placed successfully. If one or more of your bets has not been placed successfully a red notification will be received. If this occurs please go to Active Bets to see the bets that have failed. Bets that have been placed successfully will have a status of pending.

  6. If I make a TAB Fixed Odds bet will it be processed through my TAB VIC or TAB NSW account?

    If you have both TAB VIC and TAB NSW accounts linked, you will need to nominate which account you want TAB Fixed Odds bets processed through. You can do this by going to the My Account section and then clicking on Linked Accounts.

  7. What does “Dutch” mean?

    Dutch betting is the practice of backing more than one selection to achieve the same profit regardless of which selection wins. This can be done on single bets like Win bets, on exotics like Trifectas and First Fours or on multi-leg products like Quadrellas.

    Let’s take a quadrella as an example and assume you like three runners in each leg. 3 x 3 x3 x 3 = $81 if you wanted to take the quadrella for 100% ($1 on every combination). But let’s assume that in each leg you have a short priced runner (say $2) and a longer priced runner (say $10). Obviously this means that you could win a lot if all the $10 runners win or very little if all the $2 runners win. This is because you have $1 on each combination.

    By using Dutch methodology you would not have the same amount on each combination. You could still spend $81 but instead of $1 being on all combinations, each of the 81 possible combinations would have different amounts staked on them. So a combination that is estimated to pay $500 may have $2 on it while a combination that is paying $10,000 may have $0.20. The aim of the Dutch is that you receive the same payout no matter which of your combinations win.

    RacematePro allows you to choose the amount you want to outlay OR a minimum return OR a minimum profit as part of your dutch bet.

  8. For Win and Place bets what do “Profit” and “Cover” mean?

    Profit and cover are part of the Dutch functionality for Win and Place bets. A profit bet will aim to deliver you the profit that you want as part of the bet while a cover bet will aim to cover the cost of your outlay. Some people may refer to a cover bet as a “saver”.

  9. Can I submit bets to multiple pools at once?

    Yes. Just select the pools (TABs) that you want to bet into. As long as you have accounts and sufficient funds with those pools (TABs) you can select as many as you like. Upon pressing the “Calculate” button RacematePro will present the details of the bets for each pool. For example if you were outlaying $10 into three pools, you will be presented with three lots of bets with a cost of $10 each.

  10. What do the colour shadings represent on certain runner prices?

    RacematePro includes functionality to assist you identify changes in the win and place prices. If a runner’s price is highlighted pink it means its price has shortened by 15-20%. If it is yellow it has shortened by 20-25% and if it is green it has shortened by more than 25%. Furthermore if you hover over the price you will see its exact movement. At the top of the race card you can select one minute, two minutes or five minutes as the time interval that dictates the price movement measurement. For example if you select 5min you will see the total price movement for the last 5min and the colour indicators will be based on a 5min timeframe.

  11. Can I save my own odds against each runner?

    Yes. Click on the My Odds button and you will be able to enter your own prices. You can save your odds by clicking on the save icon at the bottom of the My Odds column. You can also normalise your odds by pressing the N button next to the save icon. This will adjust your odds so that they equal a 100% market.

  12. Can I use my own odds for bet calculations?

    Yes. Click on the My Odds button and you will be able to enter in your own prices against each runner. As long as you enter odds for all runners “My Odds” will appear as an option to use for bet calculations.

  13. How can I identify price “overs” where the odds on display are over My Odds or Required Odds?

    Where a price is above the price contained in the My Odds or Required Odds columns an easy to see green border appears around the price to make it easily identifiable as an “over”.

  14. How can I mark a runner so that it is highlighted on the race card?

    Click on the runner number and the entire row of information for that runner will be highlighted. To save this “highlight” click on the save icon at the bottom of the runner numbers.

  15. Why are there no WA TAB odds displayed even though I can submit bets into WA TAB?

    WA TAB pool their bets into the Victorian TAB pools. Therefore the odds that are displayed in the TabVic column are what you can expect for WA bets.


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