Racemate is the ultimate tool for punting from home.


With Racemate you have all the information you could ever want right at your fingertips in the luxury of you own home. Receive market information from all 3 major TABs straight to your own personal computer and send bets direct to the TAB of your choice with a moments notice.


Imagine your own personal TAB. This is not just a dream. While watching the action on pay TV you can analyze the markets and send your bets right from your own computer.


Racemate receives information via your internet connection


Price changes are displayed instantly when they occur and significant changes are highlighted in different colours depending on the volume of support for your immediate recognition.


Price updates arrive roughly every 5 seconds within the final minutes before race time starts.


The speed at which Racemate receives and displays information is incredible. Within 2 seconds of the TAB updating it's pool information you have the new prices right in front of you in an easy to use format.


The instant the judge calls the result they arrive on your system.

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