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Racemate is faster, it's a fact!!! Established 14 Years

"The speed advantage becomes most evident on Saturdays and public holidays." says one client.

The Racing Industry turns over approx $10 billion each year and contributes around 8 billion to the Australian economy per annum. Racemate tracks the live money transactions going through the TAB market on a daily basis. With our acquired direct integration in to the Subscription data source we have the ability to view professional transactions been wagered on every live race. We can see the transactions before the race begins.

Why is this information valuable?

We Follow the Money That Knows from professional punters / investors. These Professionals can make millions each year. Professional punters are highly-disciplined and well informed. They approach the racing industry as a business. Not a Game of Chance.

Racemate allows us to see that "Late Money" limited to those with the Technology and tools needed to take advantage of this opportunity.

Call Us to and provide an email addres & we will send you our "Streaming Video" which explains Why you Need Racemate.

We are happy to Arrange a Live Demostration at a time suitable.

Sales and Support on the following numbers.

Sales  0422 460 554
Support  0422 970 830

or via email Sales - Support

You can also contact us on SKYPE - User Name : Racinginfo 

New Ratings service!!

Racemate has joined forces with  Capital Information Services  to create a new web site dedicated to providing daily ratings and selections.

CIS has been creating extremely high quality ratings for over 20 years through their "Price Predictor" and "Bet Selector" Products.

Racemate has had a close relationship with CIS for many years and being able to import CIS ratings into Racemate is one of our most popular features.

Now CIS ratings are available to everyone.

Check out www.bestform.com.au to see what it's all about.

Racemate can even download Ratings direct for Bestform subscribers.